Blooming dreams

Blooming Dreams come true

Do you dream of beautiful plants that bring colour and appeal into your home – plants that you can also take outdoors to brighten up the garden, patio, or balcony on a sunny day? If so, your dreams have come true! When your garden centre or florist's stocks Blooming Dreams plants then you can also choose from our range of absolute top quality plants, plants that will smile at you every day. Blooming Dreams plants are cultivated in our nurseries in Moerkapelle and Zevenhuizen in the Netherlands. More information about these nurseries is available at Blooming Dreams offers plants including Stephanotis (also referred to as Madagascar jasmine), Easter Broom, Jasmine, Hibiscus, Ceanothus, Dipladenia, Chrysanthemum, Aster, Passion flower, Calandiva, edible berries (raspberry and blackberry), and Bougainvillea. More information about our plants is available on this website. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site!

The current range is displayed on Floraxhange:

Range offered by Alta Nova Moerkapelle (Stephanotis):


Range offered by Alta Nova Zevenhuizen (Cytisus [Easter Broom], Jasmine, Ceanothus):


Range offered by Hoogendoorn Plants (Bougainvillea, Rubus edible berries [raspberry and blackberry], Jasmine):


Range offered by PatioNova (Hibiscus , Dipladenia, Chrysanthemum, Aster, Passion flower, Calandiva)





Business clients interested in more specific information can contact our Sales Manager, Jan Bos on +31 (0)6 53196068 or at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Blooming Dreams inspires.
Blooming Dreams plants are of top quality and are available in an especially designed sleeve.....



Outdoor plants

As soon as there is no more night frosts (or not yet), you can also put any plants with the Blooming Dreams.....  



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'Fragrant selection'

Mix Stephanotis and Jasminium
'pure & natural perfume'

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